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Vaping Came at the Right Time

Vaping for me no matter what they say about it is heaven sent. I am not jump into the vaping bandwagon right away. I thought it was just a passing fad that will cease to exist for after a month or a year.

I was into smoking. I knew it was bad for me and it can give a ton of health problems. But who cares I am young and I think it as cool. Don’t judge me, that is how I think of it when I was 13. Because of peer pressure and of course teenagers, you always want to try new things that looks cool. That was the back story of my smoking. See it was always on my mind to find an alternative that will of less impact to my health.

It hit my mind, why not I try vaping? I don’t know anything about it. So, I tried to search online and tried to read great articles about vaping. I learned a lot by reading online, but I want to try the vaporizer itself. So, I went downtown and visit a vape shop.

When I entered, I was greeted by the attendant with all smile and ask me what I want. I asked him right away that I want to try vaping and told him that I am new to it. I also added that I want to quit smoking and want vaping as an alternative.

He was so helpful and took the time explaining to me everything about vaping. He introduced me to my fist vaporizer a crafty vaporizer. It looks great and very handy. He even taught me how to use it and what flavors I can add to it depending on my taste.

I was glad and thankful that I turned into vaping. I could say that vaping came at a right time and it was very helpful in my quest to quit smoking.